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Larry the “GERMINATOR” and his team don’t play games…

“Herm the Germ” Loves Hide ‘n Seek Unfortunately, Larry the “GERMINATOR” and his team don’t play games… Who knows if “Herm the Germ” has set up shop in your home or office? Stay at Home helps keep us safe. But everyone stuck at home has put a year’s worth of soil, dander, drool, urine, feces, 

Larry & Willie Found It!!! Now is the Right Time…

We’ve Found It!!! Unique Larry & Willie have been diligently searching far and wide for the right products to MAKE your home HEALTHIER THAN EVER BEFORE. Your carpets, hardwood floors and furniture WILL BE beyond clean.   And we’ve finally found the right products to do just that. A SPECIAL DISINFECTANT TO KILL GERMS AND