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Unique Guard Protects Your Upholstery from Uncle Phil!

Do you worry about your upholstered furniture getting stains and spills on it? Especially when certain friends and family come over for dinner or holiday celebrations? Worry no more! Unique is now offering a fabulous service called Unique Guard. This fabric protection has been tried and tested by us, and it is fabulous! Best of 

You Won’t Believe How Much Dirt Gets Removed with a Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Friday, April 10, 2015, Hardwood Floor Cleaning

We at Unique are so excited about our latest service: Hardwood Floor Cleaning! We have learned and mastered a technique that will make your hardwood floors shine AND get out dirt you didn’t even know you had! Watch to find out the Unique Hardwood Floor Cleaning technique and see just how much dirt came out